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Should the Scottish Singles entry fee be increased? (Please read the discussion forum before voting)

Yes - increase to £10
Yes - increase to £10
9% [3 Votes]

No - keep it at £5
No - keep it at £5
91% [29 Votes]

Votes: 32
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Started: 16/01/2015 11:18

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31/01/2015 23:33
Tayside champion Slicer Jack!!

30/01/2015 20:35
IM 1 draw on scottish site guys

22/01/2015 08:37
Call Dundee on 266266.

21/01/2015 10:12
Does anyone have the engravers number?

20/01/2015 23:26
Week 15 update complete

13/01/2015 23:29
Week 14 update complete

01/01/2015 09:26

16/12/2014 23:43
Week 13 update complete thumbup

09/12/2014 23:17
Week 12 update complete thumbup

05/12/2014 08:06
REMINDER: Entry deadline for GM Properties ADPL Singles and Doubles is tonight (Fri 5th Dec) at 7:00pm.

Welcome to Arbroath & District Pool League
Knockout Cup - Last 16
The Knockout Cup Last 16 will be played on Wednesday 4th February 2015.

This is a straight draw from this point onwards:

Match 1: Shotz (3) v Bowlers (2)
Match 2: Bowlers (1) v Cliffburn (1)
Match 3: West Port (1) v Legion (1)
Match 4: Newgate (2) v Station
Match 5: Letham (1) v Portcullis (3)
Match 6: Portcullis (2) v Portcullis (1)
Match 7: Shotz (2) v Shotz (1)
Match 8: Railway (1) v Newgate (1)

The format, as with all cup matches, will be nine singles and four doubles. Usual sign-in time of 8:00pm.

The losing teams in this round shall enter the Consolation Cup. Captains please note; failure to honour Knockout Cup fixtures will result in your team being excluded from the Consolation Cup.
GM Properties ADPL Doubles Prelim/Last 64

The draw for the 2014/15 ADPL GM Properties (Tayside) Ltd Doubles Prelim/Last 64 Draw is as follows:

Jim Falconer* & Chris Mitchell
Peter Longmuir & Seonaid Wishart
Kyle Couttie & Marc Scott
Dale Matthews & Sean Barker

Burns Bar
Ricky Robertson & Wayne Robertson
David Jack & Graham Dunbar*
Alan Leonard & Dean Craig
James Allan & Drew Webster
Chris Gray & Alan Doyle
Nicky Denson & Garry Mitchell*
Craig Fairweather & Wayne Green
Steven Scott & Kenny MacMillan
Patrick Nicoll* & Dave Robb
Andy Braid & John Maud
Gavin Cargill & Danny Ford
Dave Barthorpe & Craig Robertson
Michael Emslie & Peem Twaddle
Stuart Kerr & Paul Wiltosz
Dale Ross & Jack Faulds
Robert Baird & George McKiddie*
Jon Davies & Richard Crowder
Glen McEvoy* & Dale Leith
Martin Greer & Luke Lawson
Gordon Taylor & Colin MacPherson
Brian Craig* & Bobby Bell
Andy Graham & Shane Twaddle
Kane Scott & Daryl Scott
Josh Longmuir & David Hughes
West Port Bar
Bob Tosh & Pete Boyd
Jeff Barthorpe* & Lindsay Palser
Richard Anthistle & Derrick Wilson
Sam McWalter & Gary Stewart
Portcullis (Bar)
Bobby Din & Willie Whitson
Steve Hallam* & Jamie Robertson
James Jackson & Kevin Duncan
Conor Warren & Blair Cunningham
Christian Watt & Michael Watt
Portcullis (Darts)
Kenny MacPherson & Ian Davidson
Tam Walkingshaw & Mark McGlashan
Jamie Sievwright & Sonny McPhail
Ally Herald & Ryan Ross
Steve Webster* & Gordon Dickson
Ram’s Heid (Bar)
Grant Forsyth & Alex Masson
Ian Anderson & Scott MacEwan*
Drew Johnston & Mark Wilkie
Walter Preston & Garry Craig
Dean McIntosh & Craig Gowans
Ram’s Heid (Kitchen)
Chris Smith & George Hartley
Gordon Smith* & Stuart Smith
Josh Donaldson & Liam Buchan
David Thornton & Fraser Gall
Rikki McWalter & Paul Smith
Shotz 1
Stuart Campbell* & Craig Humphreys
Steve Reid & Richard Paterson
Tom Dye & Ryan MacKenzie
Frank Ebsworth & Ewen Wilkie
Martin Cherry & Greg Alexander
Shotz 2
Craig Johnston & Scott Lyons
Darren Cook & Fraser Gerrie
Bruce Wallace & Karl Capewell
Dave McKay & Nic Van Rijn*
Kieran Harrison & Ricky Dewars
Shotz 3
Jim Ogilvie & Susan Scotland
Michael Bastow* & Mark Donald
Darrin Warren & John Greenhowe
Colin Smith & Kris Cameron
James Cowie & Neil Walker
Shotz 4
Callum Paton & Pamela Twaddle
Neil Davidson & Ryan Diplexcito
Liam Scott & Stephen Humphreys
John Fotheringham & Roy Middleton*
Jake Bruce & Gordon Soutar


*: denotes controller

These ties will be played out on Tuesday 10th February 2015 with a strict sign-in time of 8:00pm. Controllers are to phone/text the scores to the Match Secretary upon conclusion of the ties.

There will be 2 matches at each venue that have 4 pairs, where there are 5 pairs at a venue a prelim tie is required, each venue will provide 2 qualifiers.

All matches are best of five frames. Lag the first frame and alternative break from then onwards. Referees to be in place for all matches, upon completion of the first match it will be the winners who will referee the following match.


Jim Falconer* & Chris Mitchell

Peter Longmuir & Seonaid Wishart

Kyle Couttie & Marc Scott

Dale Matthews & Sean Barker

ADPL Grassroots 2014/15

The first trophy of the ADPL Season has been won by Scott MacEwan after defeating Steve Reid by four frames to nil in the Grassroots 2014/15 Event. A strong field of eighty nine entries was received for this event and the champion thoroughly deserved his win.

Each of the quarter final matches required deciding frames, showing the strength of the field. Craig Gowans defeated Kent Mitchell; whilst Scott overcame Christian Watt; Craig Fairweather was ousted by Josh Longmuir and Steve beat Steve Hardwick.

The semi-finals were equally entertaining and Scott found himself 2-0 down to Craig Gowans but managed to dig deep and fight back to win through 3-2. Meanwhile Steve was having a battle with Josh which saw each player fight for that final place. Steve finally took his chance and secured his place.

The final was played by two players who had played superbly all day and showed the grit and determination required to make it to this stage. Unfortunately Steve couldn’t keep up the momentum and the potting he had displayed for most of the day had deserted him in the final. Notwithstanding, Scott played some excellent pool throughout and during the final and ran out a worthy winner 4-0. Thanks are extended to Bobby Din of the Cliffburn Hotel (Sponsor) for his continued support of this event.

Photograph (l to r): Steve Reid (Runner Up) and Scott MacEwan (Winner)

GM Properties Singles and Doubles 2014/15
Entries are now being taken for this yearís flagship ADPL events, the GM Properties (Tayside) Singles and Doubles. The entry fee remains at £3 per player for the Singles and £4 per pair in the Doubles. Entry forms have been distributed to all captains through the Captainís Packs issued on registration night, alternatively they are also available for download from the Arbroath Pool website.

The deadline for entries for both competitions is Friday 5th December 2014 at 7.00pm. All entries must be handed into the Shotz Pool and Snooker Hall on the appropriate forms for the attention of the Match Secretary or Treasurer or handed to them in person.
West Port Bar 2 Withdrawn
The West Port Bar 2 have advised that they are withdrawing from the ADPL with immediate effect.

Any fixtures versus West Port Bar 2 will now be a free week and awarded to the opponents as a 12-0 win.
ADPL Singles

2014 ADPL Singles

Greg Alexander, Champion (left)

and Jonathan Cargill, Runner-Up

ADPL Doubles

2014 ADPL Doubles Champions

Greg Alexander (left) and Martin Cherry

Division 1

2014 Division 1 Champions

Portcullis 1

Knockout Cup

2014 Knockout Cup Champions

Ram's Heid 2

Division 2

2014 Division 2 Champions

Burns Bar

Consolation Cup

2014 Consolation Cup Champions

Merchants Club