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22/01/2020 00:34
Week 14 update complete clapping

31/05/2019 22:51
Roll of Honour lists updated thumbup

30/04/2019 22:51
Week 25 update complete thumbup

23/04/2019 22:40
Week 24 update almost done tumble

16/04/2019 22:22
Week 23 update complete. clapping

27/03/2019 00:33
Yasssss! Shotz4 div2 cup champs

19/03/2019 23:33
Week 20 update done thumbup

12/03/2019 23:20
Week 19 update complete clapping

05/03/2019 22:53
Week 18 update complete thumbup

12/02/2019 23:16
Week 17 update complete clapping

About ADPL
The Arbroath and District Pool League was formed back in 1979 on the back of the UK-wide interest at the time in the sport of pool. This was a natural progression from the popular explosion of televised snooker at the time.

Many public houses bought into the idea and installed their own pool tables, which had previously been the domain of pool & snooker halls.

The ADPL are affiliated to the Scottish Pool Association and regularly play in SPA events. In any given season there can be as many as 350 registered players playing for as much as 48 different teams. A more recent advent are player "tours" whereby individuals attend a circuit of singles events. In the last few seasons several players have participated in this scheme.

Over the years, as the game has developed, various rule changes have come and gone. At present Arbroath have implemented the SPA Blackball rules and these are proving to be very good at encouraging open play.

Arbroath players have a long winning tradition in Tayside also, in particular the singles and doubles events. Unfortunately the Tayside Superleague has fell away, but in its heyday, Arbroath were regular winners of this.

Any queries should be directed to the ADPL mobile telephone (07835-338847).