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10/03/2020 23:22
Week 17 update complete clapping

23/02/2020 16:34
Unlucky Graham Dunbar and his team at Pettycur Bay this weekend. Beaten in the final by Glasgow 'A' Great effort by all.

12/02/2020 00:03
Week 15 update, almost complete...

22/01/2020 00:34
Week 14 update complete clapping

31/05/2019 23:51
Roll of Honour lists updated thumbup

30/04/2019 23:51
Week 25 update complete thumbup

23/04/2019 23:40
Week 24 update almost done tumble

16/04/2019 23:22
Week 23 update complete. clapping

27/03/2019 00:33
Yasssss! Shotz4 div2 cup champs

19/03/2019 23:33
Week 20 update done thumbup

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